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PhD candidates 


Songtao Yang                                                                                     

I conduct research on animal behaviour, particularly emphasising

on seed dispersal by the Old World fruit bats and the accompanying

ecological significance.                                                



Kangkang Zhang                                  

I work on the research of syntax in bats' communication calls to answer whether syntax exisits in bats' calls of different behavior contexts.



Lin Zhang

I am interested in molecular ecology and evolution. My research focus on clarifying the phylogeny relationships of phillippinensis-group in rhinolophids by using the mitochondrial and nuclear makers.



Tong Liu

I am interested in molecular mechanisms underlying acoustics and behaviors of bats. So I would like to carry out some research related to that

in the future.



Congnan Sun

  Recent and ongoing studies include: Aggressive behaviour and

communication in male Great roundleaf bat (Hipposideros armiger).  

I am interested in vocal communication in animals.



Xiaobin Huang                                         

I am interested in bat ecology, evolution and conservation. I focus on the seasonal variance of communication calls in Rhinolophus ferrumequinum and the design and perception of distress calls in bats (Chiroptera).



Xiao Tan                                       

My major is animal ecology.

I am interested in bats vocal recognition which includes

sexual identification, age identification and individual identification in

Rhinolophus ferrumequinum.


Hui Wang                                     

My interesting study fields are biochemistry and molecular biology. I participate in the hibernation research of bat, aiming to detect special physiological adaptations underlie mammal hibernation.



Heng Liu

I am interested in bats' vocal learning, ecology and conservation. 

My study mainly focus on the vocal learning and related mechanism

in Rhinolophus ferrumequinum.



Hanbo Zhao                                          

I am interested in bioinformatics and Genomics. Recently, I focus on 

molecular mechanisms underlying vocal communication behavior of bats.



Xin Zhao              

My major is ecology. I am interested in ethology and community

diversity. Now, the direction of my research is the relationship between morphology and aggressive behavior in bats.



Dongge Guo                                                                          

I think that the wild animal is the lovely spirit, and it is the natural beauty

of the most attractive components. In the days associated with wild animals overnight, I observed their moving life, to explore the mysteries of their behavior, their evolution path of strategies, from the sentiment of life significance and enjoy life fun. I like wild animals, as well as bats. Let us explore the wonderful nature as a way of life. I will devote my energy to bat ecology, evolution and conservation.



Yang Chang                                                                                                                           

My research field is molecular ecology and behavioural ecology. particularly, I focus on the population evolutionary history and foraging behavior of the big-footed bat, Myotis ricketti.



Chunmian Zhang                                               26EBA

My interests mainly focus on animal behavior and acoustic signal of bats.

In my PhD stage, I hope to do the diversities of parasites on bats and the relationships between parasites and the hosts. 


Lin Zhou                                               C82C

I am interested in bat ecology and conservation.

I mainly focus on the echolocation calls and

communication vocalization of bats.



Jun Li                                             6496B

My research is about the molecular mechanisms of the

bats’ adaptive evolution to show what kind of differences

on molecular level lead to the significant adaptive differentiation,

especially for the sibling species.



Master candidates  


Yanping Yu

I major in syntax structure of communication calls of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum. I devote myself to research syntax divergence of different greater horseshoe bat populations and to prove dialect and geographic variation in syntax level.


Yujuan Wang    

My research focus is mapping the distribution of pathogens (Pseudogymnoascus destructans,Pd) and gene differential expression in bats with Pd infection in northeast of China . I also interested in molecular ecology and evolution.



Muxun Liu   

I am interested in bat's vocal behaviour. Recently,I focus on the vocal production learning in bats.



 Linlin Hou   

 I am interested in molecular ecology and evolution.I want to study bats focus on macro-ecology and micro-ecology.         


Hao Gu 

My interests mainly focus on animal behavior and acoustic signal of bats, so I hope to do further work and in-depth understanding on these areas in the future.


Tingting Chi

Many insectivorous bats experience postpartum developmental stages, and their vocal development plays an important role in the study of vocal production learning and other survival activities. The subject of my major is Postnatal growth of vocalization and vocal production learning in Horsfield’s Leaf-Nosed Bat Hipposideros larvatus.


Shengjing Song                                                 

Noise is common in the natural environment, which is a major factor driving the     evolution of animal. So I am interested in how the bats adapt the anthropogenic noise, and what kind of molecular mechanism does bats use to adapt traffic noise. Under the influence of environmental noise, what kind of changes in the expression of molecules.



Lixin Gong                                                 1E922

Recently, I'm working on the research of diet and its foraging strategy in the

Great evening bat (Ia io).  Especially, the diversity and behavioral strategy of eating birds. In order to reveal that the adaptive change between acoustic characteristics and behavior during predation.



Aoqiang Li                                                         

I am interested in molecular ecology and evolution.

My research focus is  transcriptome analysis of infected

and uninfected bats with symptoms of white nose syndrome (WNS).   



Jianan Ding                                         174FE

CF-FM echolocating bats use sonar to guide flight and find prey in

cluttered vegetation, so the pulses and echoes are easily overlapped. Based on such phenomenon, my research will focuses on what echolocating strategies will they take in dense environment to achieve flight and predation success.  



Yu Li          

I am interested in zooecology,especially animal behavior.

I intend to study the vocal learning of bats. 


Yuze Wang                                                       BB433

I’m a new master in our team.The bats are mysterious and charming.They are natureal spirits.

With the development of society,their habitat is being destoryed.So I will be committed to biological conservation.


Wentao Dai                                                         174F2

l am interested in molecular ecology of bat and have been last for a long time. At present, l mainly focus on the dietary difference in sympatric coexistence bats.


Yu Zhang                                               24C96

Behavior ecology and evolution is my interests.

I do want to have a further study on these area

and focus on bat in the future.


Biye Shi                                                         3DE31

My major is an interesting subject which devoted to studying the interaction between species and species, species and environment. I am interested in the behavior characteristics and acoustic research of bats, curious to everything unknown. In the following study, I will make efforts to increase awareness of the bat and do further studies on their behavior .


Xiaolin Li                                                         17B03

I am interested in molecular biology and evolution .Recently,

I focus on the MHC diversity, selection pattern and

population structure in bats.



Guohong Xiao                                               19A29

I major in molecular ecology.

I participate study on symbiotic relationship between bat and its

intestinal microbes under hibernation background.


Zhongle Li        3E797

My major is Preventive Veterinary Medicine. I intend to study 

the bats relevant disease so as to provide more protection.


Deyi  Sun    3FBAA

I am a freshman to the research team.  

I am interested in communication vocalization of bats.