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    Since 1995, we have investigated bat diversity in China, Russia and Vietnam and have collected morphological characteristics (body weight, forearm length, etc.) and acoustic data (echolocation calls and communication calls) from more than 70 species of bat. We have also collected samples from the wing membrane and some muscle tissue for DNA analysis. 

     The bat species that we have collected these data and samples for include 15 horseshoe bats, 37 myotis bats, 8 Hipposideros bats, 2 Long-fingered Bats, 1 Megadermatidae bat, 1 Pteropidae bat,1 Motossidae bat, 1 Emballonuridae, etc. We also currently have, skull specimens from ~50 bat species, false specimens from ~50 species, and soaked specimen from ~60 species. Based on our investigation work, we have found one new bat species at the world level, two new species at the country level, and seven new species recorded at the province level. 

     Using theory and method based approaches of behavioral ecology and molecular biology, we have researched the evolution of trait adaptation and behavioral ecology in bats. Our research findings are published in peer reviewed journals, and you can find the titles and more details on these publications from the “Publications” page.