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   Our main research interests are in behavioral and molecular ecology of bats, including the characteristics of and function in echolocation calls and communication calls, phylogenetic and molecular evolution, and biodiversity conservation in bats. We have built a bat behavior laboratory (see photos below) to raise bats and conduct behavior experiments. We also have a fully equipped lab for molecular research including RTFQ PCR, Gel DocTM XR+,etc.

   The people of our lab include six teachers and 24 graduate students. The leader of our lab group is professor Jiang Feng. Since 1995, we have investigated bat diversity in China, Russia and Vietnam and have collected morphological characteristics (body weight, forearm length, etc.) and acoustic data (echolocation calls and communication calls) from more than 70 species of bats. We also have collected wing and muscle tissue samples from many of these species for DNA analysis.   

  At present, much of our research is conducted in close collaboration with some internationally renowned biologist from USA, Japan, Russia, and Vietnam. We also send teachers in our lab group to foreign countries as visiting scholars and to attend international meetings.